Boleh Space

A #KitaJagaKita project for #OKUMalaysia, family & friends as we celebrate ‘Boleh-ness’ in Boleh-land

‘Boleh-ness’ is the state of celebrating abilities & possibilities by removing barriers

A bolted and locked door

Our Story

We first started out as disabled friends on Twitter that became a Twitter Group during the first Movement Control Order in 2020. Later in the same year, Boleh Space was born as a Disability Advocacy and Awareness movement on Twitter.

We started out by sharing about ableism and disability issues at and using the hashtag #OKUMalaysia. Under the guidance of our official advisors; Assoc. Prof. Dr Naziaty Mohd. Yaacob (Universal Design and Accessible Built Environment, University Malaya), Dr. Ikmal Md. Tah (Disability Law, University Teknologi Mara), Dr Amar Singh (Healthcare) and many more unofficial advisors, we have grown so much in just one year, all without ever meeting each other in person. All our activities were fully coordinated and done online. One year later, we are now officially registered and working as a social enterprise.

What we do

Three people huddled under a ripped umbrella in heavy rain. One is a lady wearing hijab, she is blind and holds a white cane. The person holding the umbrella does not show a visible disability. There's a child seated in a wheelchair. It's in grey scale except for blue accents on the umbrella, the wheelchair back and arm rests as well as the grip of the white cane. The blue, ripped umbrella has "OKU Act 2008" in white on it.
Art by disabled artist, Fared, meant to signify the lack of protection of the PWD ACT 2008 for our PWDs in Malaysia.

We mainly share on ableism and disability issues. Some of our past sharings include

  • The correct terms for in Bahasa Melayu and English Language for Malaysia.
  • Why Malaysia need to review our Persons with Disabilities Act 2008
  • Accessibility and Disability Inclusion

Almost all our webinars include BIM Interpreters. Check them out here.

Several of our members participated in panels and workshops. Check out a non-comprehensive list on this page.

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